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Title (in Chinese) 代理契約型式之探討-以醫院競爭為例
Title (in English) A Study on the Form of Delegation - the Case in Health Market
Other Title
Institution 淡江大學
Department (in Chinese) 產業經濟學系碩士班
Department (in English) Department of Industrial Economics
Other Division
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Academic Year 100
Semester 2
PublicationYear 101
Author's name (in Chinese) 李庭萱
Author's name(in English) Ting-Hsuan Li
Student ID 697540366
Degree 碩士
Language Traditional Chinese
Other Language
Date of Oral Defense 2012-06-16
Pagination 50page
Committee Member advisor - Yi-Heng Chen
co-chair - Teng-Yuan Hu
co-chair - Shiou Shieh
Keyword (inChinese) 誘因契約
Keyword (in English) incentive contract
Other Keywords
Abstract (in Chinese)
Abstract (in English)
This model established a health care market with two hospitals. Each hospital has one physician in charge. The hospital provides two kinds of substituable medicine. One is called general medicine which is subsidized by Bureau of National Health Insurance. The other is called special medicine which is paid fully by the patient. The hospital owner can apply two different incentive contracts on its physician, either its rival’s profit or the hosipital’s own quantity sold. The market is playing the Cournot quantity competition. We found that both the hospital owner and the physician will prefer that the rival hospital also use the incentive contract, as well as the delegation design is the hospital’s own quantity. Also, when the market demand is large enough, the result holds from the social point of view.
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Table of Content (with Page Number)
第一章	緒論	                                     1
第一節 研究動機與目的	                            1
第二節 文獻回顧                                       	2
第二章 模型設定	                                     6
第三章 以對手利潤作為契約誘因相對績效參數之設計	9
第一節 兩家醫院皆有契約誘因相對績效參數設計	         9
第二節 僅本院有契約誘因相對績效參數設計	         18
第四章 以自身數量作為契約誘因相對績效參數之設計	25
第一節 兩家醫院皆有契約誘因相對績效參數設計    	25
第二節 僅本院有契約誘因相對績效參數設計       	32
第五章 誘因契約的比較分析	                           39
第一節 相同誘因契約的比較分析                 	40
第二節 不同誘因契約的比較分析	                  42
第六章	結論	                                    47
參考文獻		                                    49
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