Hi, please pay attention to the following items before submitting your thesis/dissertation.

1.Please read the description of the library's ETD submission & validation webpage,Note: When submitting printed version, please confirm it item by item according to the Thesis/Dissertation Submission Checklist, and the correctness of the dissertation content should be the responsibility of the student.

2.Theses/Dissertations shall be open in accordance with the law. Printed version will be stored in Tamkang University and the National Central Library for reading inside, and electronic version is placed in independent equipment in the National Central Library for use.

3.If the paper involves secrets, patents or other legal reasons, and the publication time needs to be postponed, please fill in the application for delayed publication (respectively filled in by the National Central Library and Tamkang University) and supporting documents after the electronic paper is submitted for review. After being signed and sealed by the advisor and department, scan and email the documents to the mailbox of the digital system section of the library(dss@mail.tku.edu.tw).

4. You can freely choose whether to authorize the electronic files to the National Digital Library of theses and dissertations in Taiwan of the National Central Library(free authorization), Tamkang University (free authorization) and the database contracted with the Tamkang University (paid authorization) .

Please enter your account and password of Single Sign-On (SSO). 
If you have any questions about certification, please call (02) 2621-5656, turn 2487 or write to us.

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