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System No. U0002-0608201423480800
Title (in Chinese) 利用802.11n實現無線家用電話轉接器之實作
Title (in English) Integrate between wireless communications and home phone in 802.11n.
Other Title
Institution 淡江大學
Department (in Chinese) 電機工程學系碩士在職專班
Department (in English) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Other Division
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Academic Year 102
Semester 2
PublicationYear 103
Author's name (in Chinese) 王群翔
Author's name(in English) Chun-Hsiang Wang
Student ID 701440090
Degree 碩士
Language Traditional Chinese
Other Language
Date of Oral Defense 2014-07-15
Pagination 44page
Committee Member advisor - Wei-Tsung Lee
co-chair - Guo-Zhi Zhu
co-chair - Ting-Yu Wu
Keyword (inChinese) 網路電話
Keyword (in English) IEEE802.11n
Other Keywords
Abstract (in Chinese)
Abstract (in English)
There is become more and more important in network transmission. Internet has become a essential thing in the life. Compare with cell mobile phone users there is more and more less of traditiona telephone users in the family. For the pricing traditional phone still cheaper than mobile device. But if people want to save money mostly will choose network communications. The quality of connection traditional communication still better than network.In this reaserch we will choice 802.11n because of it`s have high speed transmission rate and very stabile quility in connect. We will base on enviromental keep all device without any eliminate to finish this research. So we will combine old and new device together and won`t waste any resource.
Other Abstract
Table of Content (with Page Number)
第一章  緒論	1
1.1	前言	1
1.2	研究動機與目的	2
1.3	論文章節介紹	4
第二章	背景知識及相關文獻	6
2.1	VoIP電話的發展及延伸概述	6
2.2	802.11n標準規格之介紹	9
2.3	十位式脈衝電話	11
2.4	雙音多頻式電話(DTMF)	14
第三章	系統規劃概念及架構	20
第四章	硬體介紹	25
4.1    傳統電話線路	25
4.2    通訊聯結盒線路圖	26
4.3    Friendly ARM	28
4.4    HTC Butterfly規格表	32
第五章	實驗流程	33
第六章	實驗結果	36
6.1    實驗數據分析	36
6.2    各項通訊產品優劣比較	38
第七章	結論	39
第八章	未來展望	40
參考文獻	41
圖1典型的IP電話格局	6
圖2 十位脈衝式電話	11
圖3 十位脈衝式電話的電路(閉合)	12
圖4十位脈衝式電話的電路(開啟)	14
圖5 DTMF電話電路圖	16
圖6 基礎系統方塊圖	21
圖7 傳統電話線路設計圖	25
圖8 通訊聯結盒電路設計圖	26
圖9 Friendly ARM嵌入式外觀	28
圖10 基礎系統連結概念圖	33
圖11 實驗行進流程圖	34
圖12未來擴展建置圖	40


表1 IEEE802.11n 標準規格	9
表2 雙音多頻鍵盤	15
表3 特別事件所用頻率	19
表4 歐洲大陸慣用頻率	19
表5 Friendly ARM嵌入式硬體資源規格	29
表6 HTC Butterfly 規格	32
表7 測試數據	37
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