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System No. U0002-0407201213391000
Title (in Chinese) 雙占市場下獨家交易契約的效果
Title (in English) The effect of Exclusive Dealing Contracts in Successive Duopoly market
Other Title
Institution 淡江大學
Department (in Chinese) 產業經濟學系碩士班
Department (in English) Department of Industrial Economics
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Academic Year 100
Semester 2
PublicationYear 101
Author's name (in Chinese) 李依潔
Author's name(in English) Yi-Chieh Lee
Student ID 699540091
Degree 碩士
Language Traditional Chinese
Other Language
Date of Oral Defense 2012-06-16
Pagination 54page
Committee Member advisor - Yi-Heng Chen
co-chair - 謝修
co-chair - 池秉聰
Keyword (inChinese) 獨家交易
Keyword (in English) Exclusive Dealing Contracts
Downstream Duopoly
Fixed Produce Function
Other Keywords
Abstract (in Chinese)
Abstract (in English)
Based on the market structure in Chang(1992)and the derived demand from Cournot competition as in Salinger(1988), this paper set up a market structure with two upstream firms and two downstream firms to investigate the effect of upstream rival’s choice of exclusive dealing contract on the other upstream firm’s choice of exclusion as well as its profit.
    We find that if the upstream rival does not imply any kind of exclusive dealing contract, either upward exclusive dealing or downward exclusive dealing, the other upstream firm will choose downward exclusive dealing contract. If the upstream rival uses upward exclusive dealing contract, the other upstream firm is indifferent from having exclusive dealing contract or not. But if the upstream rival firm has downward exclusive dealing contract, the other upstream firm’s choice will depend on the production cost of two downstream firms.
Other Abstract
Table of Content (with Page Number)
第一章  緒論 1
第一節  研究動機與目的 1
第二節  研究架構 2
第二章  文獻回顧 3
第三章  理論模型 7
第一節  模型基本設定 7
第二節  賽局設定 9
第三節  符號定義說明 13
第四章  對手第二家上游廠商沒有獨家交易契約 14
第一節  上游第一家廠商因應對策為沒有獨家交易契約 14
第二節  上游第一家廠商因應對策為限制上游獨家交易契約 20
第三節  上游第一家廠商因應對策為限制下游獨家交易契約 25
第四節  綜合討論 31
第五章  對手第二家上游廠商限制上游獨家交易契約 33
第一節  上游第一家廠商因應對策為沒有獨家交易契約 33
第二節  上游第一家廠商因應對策為限制上游獨家交易契約 36
第三節  綜合討論 41
第六章  對手第二家上游廠商限制下游獨家交易契約 42
第一節  上游第一家廠商因應對策為沒有獨家交易契約 42
第二節  上游第一家廠商因應對策為限制下游獨家交易契約 45
第三節  綜合討論 48
第七章  結論 51
參考文獻 53
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