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System No. U0002-0406201219461400
Title (in Chinese) 在有限區間向量型Sturm-Liouville方程式的唯一性定理
Title (in English) Uniqueness of the potential function of the vectorial Sturm- Liouville equations with general boundary conditions
Other Title
Institution 淡江大學
Department (in Chinese) 數學學系博士班
Department (in English) Department of Mathematics
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Academic Year 100
Semester 2
PublicationYear 101
Author's name (in Chinese) 張淙華
Author's name(in English) Tsorng-Hwa Chang
Student ID 892150052
Degree 博士
Language English
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Date of Oral Defense 2012-05-17
Pagination 51page
Committee Member advisor - Chung-Tsun Shieh
co-chair - 沈昭亮
co-chair - 羅春光
co-chair - 朱啟平
co-chair - 錢傳仁
co-chair - 陳功宇
co-chair - 楊定揮
Keyword (inChinese) 頻譜
Keyword (in English) Weyl matrix
Sturm-Liouville equation
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Abstract (in Chinese)
關於定義在區間的非對稱形Sturm-Liouville 微分方程式的反問題研究及學習,Yurko ( [24] , 2006)利用Weyl矩陣,提出了矩陣邊界值問題的反問題有唯一性的定理。 在本篇論文,首先;對於Sturm-Liouville矩陣微分方程式含有一般的邊界條件的反問題,我們將証明ㄧ般的h1 , H1,亦可得到Q(x)有唯一性。利用矩陣型式邊界值反問題的唯一性,我們主要工作是在向量微分方程式邊界值反問題上,探求向量頻譜(spectral sets)與位階函數Q(x)唯一性的關係。 對於h1 = H1 = In ,我們找出某些個頻譜就可以決定Q(x)了。而若為一對稱矩陣或對角化矩陣,則個別僅需某些頻譜集合即可。 對於一般的h1 , H1,我們也獲得了一些相關的結果。
Abstract (in English)
Inverse spectral problems are studied for the non-self-adjoint matrix Sturm-Liouville differential equation on a finite interval. Using Weyl function, Yurko([24],2006) solved the inverse spectral problem for the matrix Sturm-Liouville operator on a finite interval with the boundary value problem L(Q(x), h, H ).                                    
At first, in this thesis, we try to solve the uniqueness theorem of the matrix-valued boundary value problem for arbitrary matrices h1 , h0 , H1 , H0  with the general boundary conditions. By the uniqueness theorem of  L(Q(x),h1 , h0 , H1 , H0) described as above, our main work is to find those relations between spectra and potential Q(x) for the vectorial Sturm-Liouville differential equation.
For h1 = H1 = In ,  we will give some characteristic functions corresponding to spectra to determine the Weyl matrix and to prove the uniqueness theorem. Furthermore, we also prove the uniqueness theorems for the vectorial Sturm-Liouville operators with real symmetric potential or real diagonal potential by given some spectra, respectively. We also obtain some results for arbitrary matrices h1 and H1.
Other Abstract
Table of Content (with Page Number)
Chapter 1.  Introduction
1.1  Sturm-Liouville operators on a finite interval 
                               ..........  3
1.2  Vectorial Sturm-Liouville equation on a finite 
      interval                 ...........6              
1.3  The Weyl matrix .............. 9
1.4  Sturm-Liouville equation on a graph ...... 11

Chapter 2. Uniqueness of the potential function for vectorial Sturm-Liouville equation on a finite interval
2.1  Preliminaries  ............19
2.2  Main results ..............21
Chapter 3. Uniqueness theorem for the vectorial Sturm-Liouville equation with general boundary conditions
3.1  Introduction  ....................  31
3.2  Preliminaries    ...............    32 
3.3  Main results   .................... 38

References  .............................50
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