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系統識別號 U0002-3001201914080000
中文論文名稱 電子競技發展與趨勢以GARENA、騰訊、暴雪娛樂、育碧娛樂個案分析
英文論文名稱 E-sport development and trend- Case Study of Garena、Tencent、Blizzard and UBI
校院名稱 淡江大學
系所名稱(中) 國際企業學系碩士班
系所名稱(英) Master's Program, Department Of International Business
學年度 107
學期 1
出版年 108
研究生中文姓名 黃鼎淯
研究生英文姓名 Ding-Yu Huang
學號 604550383
學位類別 碩士
語文別 中文
第二語文別 英文
口試日期 2019-01-07
論文頁數 38頁
口試委員 指導教授-張勝雄
中文關鍵字 電子競技  韓國  美國  歐洲  遊戲開發商  觀賞性  獨特性  有技巧性  入手適中  競技模式  各大賽事 
英文關鍵字 E-sports  Korea  USA  Europe  game developers  enjoyment  uniqueness  skill  moderate start  competitive mode  major events 
中文摘要 有鑒於現今科技蓬勃發展,電腦人手一台,手機更是身不離手,近八成的人每天花在手機上面至少兩個小時,可見現今電腦及手機對於現代人的影響甚深。無聊時,許多年輕人習慣於以手機遊戲或線上遊戲作為消閒娛樂;此外有些人更是喜歡觀看別人打遊戲的直播於網路平台-Youtube上遊戲破關過程的精彩畫面,均是於現今世代才出現的新型產業或是行銷模式。於20世紀初期,電子競技才剛開始起步,那時候尚處於摸索階段,僅一部分的參與者先行投入。一開始電子競技遊戲以街機模式進行,玩家聚集於一個地方以進行比賽;由於網路逐漸發達與普及,人們開始可透過網路對戰來互相競技,電子競技遊戲參與者開始逐漸增加,也揭開了後續電子競技產業蓬勃發展的序幕。

英文摘要 Due to the fast development of recent technology, most people have their own computer or laptop. Moreover, everyone is used to carry the mobile phone with him/her everywhere. According to the statistics, nearly 80% of people use their mobile phone at least 2 hours per day; you can tell that technology impacts us a lot in these days. When people who are boring, teenagers tend to play mobile games or online games as a hobby, in addition, more people like to watch others play games live broadcasting or videos on social media-YouTube, which are the highlights of other players in the games. This is a new type of industry and marketing strategy that emerges in this generation.

In early 20th decade, e-sport games are just beginning to come into people’s eyes, which are in a groping era, only a few participants joined in this industry. In the beginning, e-sport is using Arcade to compete to each other; people get together to join a tournament. As the Internet becoming popular, people can compete each other online. From then on, e-sport gamers start to grow rapidly, and uncover the future of e-sport games.

In the beginning, gaming companies positioned games as entertainment, stand-alone games or killing monster games as mainstream, after games like Counter-Strike become popular, game developer start to develop games which is amused to watch, unique, skillful and easy to play, using more aspects to research and development, and created League of Legend e-sport game which is popular all over the world for many years. Since then e-sport games grow quickly, Korean government also put effort to build Korea as an e-sport game country. Furthermore, the historical country such as America and Europe, they also build a lot gaming club to raise new e-sport gamer to become professional. E-sport is just like traditional sports; every player practices for many days and even years to be in the games, and improves him or herself to become professional. This research analyzes four well-known e-sport companies and agents through their games, and backgrounds. Implications and future business opportunities are then discussed.
論文目次 目錄

第一章 緒論 1
第一節 研究背景與動機 1
第二節 研究目的 2
第三節 研究方法與範圍 2
第四節 研究流程 3
第二章文獻探討 6
第一節 電子競技遊戲產業分析 6
第二節 全球電競產業概況 10
第三節 電子競技相關產業-實況 14
第三章 電子競技公司個案分析 15
第一節Garena 15
第二節 暴雪娛樂個案分析 18
第四章 行銷策略分析 20
第一節 暴雪娛樂要素分析 20
第二節 暴雪娛樂與育碧娛樂的STP分析 29
第五章 研究結論及建議 34
第一節 研究結論 34
第二節 研究建議 34
參考文獻 35


圖1 研究流程 5
圖2 全球電競參與人數區域比重 11
圖3 全球電競市場規模 12
圖4 各領域營收 12
圖5 Garena 2015-2018大紀事 17
圖6 暴雪大紀事 19
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