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系統識別號 U0002-0408201109520500
中文論文名稱 以大衛‧羅伊(David Loy)之佛教、文學與社會理論,當代美國詩集、散文及流行音樂中有關環境生態之作品選讀
英文論文名稱 An Environmental Reading of selected contemporary American poetry, prose, and popular music, based on David Loy's Buddhist Social Theory
校院名稱 淡江大學
系所名稱(中) 英文學系博士班
系所名稱(英) Department of English
學年度 99
學期 2
出版年 100
研究生中文姓名 紀澤然
研究生英文姓名 Don Gilleland
學號 894010262
學位類別 博士
語文別 英文
口試日期 2011-06-07
論文頁數 135頁
口試委員 指導教授-羅艾琳
中文關鍵字 大衛‧羅伊  瓊妮‧蜜雪兒  奧妲維亞‧巴特勒  佛教  社會理論  環境文學 
英文關鍵字 Elizabeth Bishop  Mary Oliver  Denise Levertov  David Loy  Joni Mitchetll  Octavia Butler  Buddhism,  social theory  environmental literature 
中文摘要 佛教社會理論發展至今,亦如基督教之社會理論與其發展模式,以不同觀點詮釋文學與文化的發展與形成。
美國佛學研究學者大衛‧羅伊(David Loy)著眼於以佛教社會理論評論西方文化與哲學的既定思維,藉以尋求另類文化與哲學上之詮釋方式。
第一章則運用第一章中所討論之佛教社會理論觀點來分析伊麗莎白.碧許(Elizabeth Bishop), 瑪麗.奧力佛(Mary Oliver)及 蒂尼絲雷維托夫(Denise Levertov)的詩作。
第二章則應用佛教社會理論剖析加拿大音樂人瓊妮‧蜜雪兒(Joni Mitchell)極富力量的音樂作品《閃耀》(Shine). 第三章則討論奧妲維亞‧巴特勒(Octavia Butler)的《異種生殖三部曲》(Xenogenesis Trilogy),以及該作品所具體呈現佛教中的菩薩觀。
本論文結論,參考釋迦牟尼佛(Shakyamuni), 阿彌陀佛(Amitabha), 文殊菩薩(Manjushri), 普賢菩薩(Samantabhadra), 觀世音菩薩(Avalokiteshvara), and 維摩詰(Vimalakirti),筆者將文中所探討之作者及作品作出比較。 每一佛教中的菩薩觀講述一啟發教化所需之必要特質及信仰信念。在結語中,文中所探討之作者及文學作品將被歸類評價為許多信仰信念的識別證明,舉例說明,就像我們所熟知的觀世音菩薩就是慈悲的化身。
英文摘要 Like its Christian counterparts, Buddhist social theory has developed from a desire to interpret literature and culture through a context of belief. Western Buddhists are engaged in a project which critiques the cultural and philosophical assumptions of the West and seeks alternative interpretations. Such is the project of David Loy. It is the purpose of this dissertation to apply Buddhist concepts as they are used by Loy to a selection of texts, both popular cultural productions and more reified literary productions, in order to make a social and an environmental argument. The Introduction will give a brief introduction to Loy and then delineate his Buddhist social theory, including its key terms and concepts. Chapter One uses the perspective of the Buddhist social theory discussed in the introduction to analyze selected poetry of Elizabeth Bishop, Mary Oliver, and Denise Levertov. Chapter Two demonstrates how Buddhist social theory can be applied to the work of a single album, Shine, by Joni Mitchell. Chapter Three discusses Octavia Bulter’s Xenogenesis Trilogy as a bodhisattva narrative. The Conclusion compares the writers and the works discussed in this dissertation in reference to Shakyamuni, Amitabha, Manjushri, Samantabhadra, Avalokiteshvara, and Vimalakirti. Each bodhisattva represents a quality and practice essential for enlightenment and the bodhisattva way. For example, Avalokiteshvara is the embodiment of compassion. In the conclusion, the writers and works of literature discussed in this dissertation will be evaluated as exemplars of one or many of these practices.

Key Words: Elizabeth Bishop, Mary Oliver, and Denise Levertov David, Loy, Joni Mitchetll, Octavia Butler, Buddhism, social theory, environmental literature

論文目次 Acknowledgements (English)
Abstract (Chinese) I
Abstract (English) II
David Loy’s Buddhist Social Theory and Environmental Literature 1
Chapter I.
A Buddhist Social Theory Reading of Poetry 17
Chapter II.
Joni Mitchell’s “Shine” Skillful Means and Protest Music 47
Chapter III.
Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis as Bodhisattva Myth 92
Conclusion: 109
Glossary of Buddhist Concepts Used 125
Works Cited. 129
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